they live their lives with no chill 😂


5 seconds of summer more like 5 seconds of get the fuck out you’re ruining my social life

Rian Dawson nominating Ashton for the ice bucket challenge +

Remember when I told someone that they’d be in auburn hills not Detroit because I’m living in 2013 same

For the people worried about 1D/5SOS and the Detroit purge:

Yes, you love these boys. I get it. But take a moment to think about the people of the Detroit that do not have very well paid body guards and security teams. Celebrities are not the only/most important people threatened by this. Have some consideration for civilians and even 1D/5SOS fans. This is potentially a very dangerous situation and there are more serious things to worry about than a band.

Disclaimer: it is still totally okay to worry for the boys. They are people too. I’m just asking that you consider the thousands of other people at risk as well. (Like the police force that have to attempt to keep this under control)

Calum and Ashton arriving to their hotel in NYC

when Michael has a kid

Michael: So heres my son *passes him to the boys*
Luke: aw he's so cute
Michaels 2 week old son: shut up Luke
Michael: Thats my son